Responsible Renewable Energy Experts
Responsible Renewable Energy Experts

Solar PV Panels

Solar panels create electricity during daylight hours. The electric is utilised in the home meaning you use less and so pay less for your mains electric, you also recieve payments for the electricity you have produced and even more for any spare energy you export back to the grid.


Protect yourself from energy rises

Shrink you carbon footprint 

Reduce your reliance on the big six

Systems from as little as £1000 per Kw


Domestic Systems

Commercial System


We have installed well over 500 systems over the last 10 years and so have a wealth of knowledge on the subject, wether you are looking for a new system, or even help with an existing system regardless of if we fitted it or not we will be happy to help!

Our main goal is to help you Save money, Invest wisely and reduce your carbon footprint, which really does help the planet out! We are passionate about helping others to lower their carbon emmisions. There are no salesmen here, just enthusiatic eco warriors! who want to help you to do your bit, and make yourself a few quid in the process. Thats a win win in our book!


As you can see below, one of our low cost 4kW systems could triple your inital investment over its life span!


Below is based upon a 4kW system costing £4000. The system is facing south, is unshaded. The households electricity costs are 14p per kW. Only half the energy produced by the system is being used in the home. The more you can utilise, the more you will save! Fitting an Iboost hot water diverter costing £300 would send any excess energy into your immersion tank and could boost that figure to 75%. We can also provide battery storage systems which will help to further your self consumption of energy (why pay the big 6 money when you can make your own!)

We can offer finace on systems if needed that are HIES approved lenders.