Renewable Energy Experts, NICEIC Approved Contrators and Specialist Heritage Installations
Renewable Energy Experts, NICEIC Approved Contrators and Specialist Heritage Installations

Our Future, Our Past

Ill be brief, so you can still have time to look around and click our Facebook like button! We are passionate about about our work. Whether its curbing climate change through our helpfull tips on Facebook or Instagram, or by helping others install Solar PV systems. Or through helping to conserve our heritage by carefully and sypathetically wiring listed or historical buildings in an inobtrusive and original style. You wont find a more genuine, honest, reliable Electrical installation company. We of course do all other types of electrical works too!

Solar Panels

Solar panels are not only a great investment, they help protect you're family from rising electricity costs, help cut your dependancy on the big six and help make a difference to your carbon footprint, therefore combating climate change. We keep our costs low, making our systems much more accessable.  If you really want to cheese off The big six (EDF, EON etc) We can pair your Solar Panels with battery storage, So you will use even less grid electric...or none at all with off grid systems!

Heritage Electrical 

Whenever we work within any listed Buildings or any other property of historical interest, we feel privaleged. These places are part of our history and when required we do our very best to ensure any works are inkeeping with the period and sympathetic to the property. MICC/Pyro systems, heritage switchgear and discreet wiring all help preserve the character of these properties

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We are here to help you with what ever aspect of electrical works you require. We are proud to be members of the NICEIC approved contractor scheme ( we are also MCS accredited for Solar PV installation and ASHP. We are members of HIES.

Hold 5 million public liability insurance, Insured backed renewable installations.


                                        MARKET BUSTING £1000 per kW Solar PV installations! Call us today