Electrical Contractors and Renewable Energy Experts
Electrical Contractors and Renewable Energy Experts

Solar Buyback

Similar to releasing the equity from your home, you can get a cash lump sum in return for your existing feed in tariff. Up to £18,000! and still get free electricity from your solar panels.



Battery Storage

With your existing solar PV system, you are most likely only utilising 30% of the electricity it produces. Install battery storage to increase that up to 70-80% and double your electric savings 


Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great investment compared to todays interest rates, and they protect you're family from rising electricity cost and even powercuts when paired with battery storage.



Tribo - reliable repairs whenever you need them!

With many years of experience and a highly trained team of professionals, Tribo in maldon offers you an installation and repairs service you can rely on.

We provide a complete range of appliance installation and repair services for all your everyday and emergency needs. No matter what the problem is, our workmen will be with you within hours and you can be assured of a speedy and professional solution. Do you need electrical work to be carried out in your home or office? It is crucial for work of this kind to be carried out by a qualified electrician. Our expert team can assess the scope of work required and take care of everything in next to no time.